Mother and Daughter

I am very lucky to have my Mum around. She's 90, and I sort of have to be Mum to her nowadays, but she's still my Mum. And there's nothing like your Mother to bring out the little girl inside you. She says she still thinks of me as being a little girl, and annoyingly she still treats me like I'm about twelve. Pretty funny when I'm trying to sort out all of her tablets that keep her rattling around, and she's rousing on me for having my hair in my eyes. She's my link to my childhood, and every time I look at her, or talk to her, I get amazing reminders of multiple, random childhood events. She's such a strong influence on me still, and a rock of stability in my life. I'm definitely extremely blessed to have her to laugh with about our own little jokes, and to have her to vent to about all the complexities in my life. Because, baby she's been there and lived it, and she knows what my life is about. I treasure my time with her, and thank her for the sacrifices she made for me when I was growing up and the constant support she gives me now. I feel guilty that she still gives me so much, and the few things I can do for her just do not seem enough to repay her. I hope I can pay it forward, and do the same for my daughter. I've certainly had the best role model you could ask for.

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