Care Alarm Practice Drill

It's 5.04am and freezing cold and my phone rings. It's Mum's alarm. I'm immediately on high alert as I wait impatiently for the prompt to press the star key to talk to Mum. There's no reply! Oh no! My mind is racing as I imagine all of the horrid scenarios. Has she fallen going to the toilet? Has she had a heart turn? Can she breathe? I call out to her really loudly over the phone but she doesn't reply. I fling on some clothes, race back for a coat, then into the car and roar into town to her unit. As I'm going, I call the ambulance, explaining the situation, and arranging to let them in.

I enter her unit with trepidation and walk into her bedroom calling out to her. She sits up in bed with an awful shock, blinking like an owl. What's happening? "Your alarm Mum. You activated your alarm."

Apparently she had squeezed it instead of her bedside light when she'd got out of bed to go to the toilet. 

Anyway, it was a good practice drill, and I could let the ambulance know quickly that it was a false alarm. We do a practice every month, but she is finding it more and more confusing as time goes by, and has trouble coming to terms with the logistics. At least, she now knows that when she squeezes that alarm, the cavalry arrives!!

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