Cupcakes or Patty cakes?

Today, I picked Mum up  to go for a cup of coffee down at the lagoon just out of Miles. It is covered with pink water lilies at present, which are only found in this part of the world. We had a flask of coffee and cupcakes. Well, Mum calls them patty cakes! "Cupcakes are just a new-fangled name for patty cakes", she announced. I had a hard job a few years ago finding her the cake pans that are the shallow patty cake shape rather than the deep cupcake pans. So that's the difference apparently - it's all in the shape of them. Anyway, we enjoyed our patty cakes with mauve icing with a nice cuppa, while we sat in the shade of a tree and observed the birdlife and the water lilies. Then I took some photos of her in her gray April skirt (with handy pockets - must have pockets she said for hanky and house key) and her pretty June top with the bow tied at her neck. She looked lovely, and said she felt very comfortable. Then home again for her to relax in the cool and watch the Australian Open Tennis. Perfect day!

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