Four Generations

Now I know what Mum must have felt like when she had a grandchild. My beautiful granddaughter Remi Rose is an absolute delight, and Mum loves her. My daughter, Caprice, is such a practical and loving Mum. I must say that I don't know who to hug first when I see my daughter and grandchild. I know a new Mum needs lots of love and attention as well, so I try to give her lots of kisses too, but I don't blow raspberries on her tummy like I do to Remi!!

It is a special feeling when the four of us get together, which is just not often enough. Mum is feeling the extreme heat here in Central Queensland Australia. It is hot and dry, and I need to remind Mum to have her airconditioning on as well as drinking lots of water. Urinary Tract Infections are a very common complaint for older people, and the symptoms are hard to detect in them. In fact, whenever I notice that Mum is a bit irritable and feeling uncomfortable, we march off to the doctors with sample in hand to check. It quite often requires a dose of antibiotics, and her disposition returns to her normal old self. She has cranberry tablets every day for a bit of prevention.



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