I'm Not Old Yet

Just recently, I attended the Retirement, Travel and Lifestyle Expo in Brisbane, QLD. Everyone loved the display of pretty tea cups and saucers, doilies crocheted by my Mother, gorgeous roses, and Scotch Finger biscuits. There were a few cheeky old fellows who snuck a bickie or two on their way past, even though they expressed no interest whatsoever in the stylish Cuppa Tea fashion!! Funny that!  I received many compliments on the style and idea of fashion for older ladies. Many women loved the fabrics, and the ease of wear. But what made me laugh was when they said, 'but I'm not old yet, I don't need that stuff yet!' They are so totally spot on in their attitude of not being old yet. I saw so many older women that certainly were 'not old yet' and very proud of the fact. My clothing is definitely for women who may have a bit of trouble doing up buttons with stiff fingers, or who cannot reach behind to pull up a zip. But it is also definitely for those ladies who have young hearts and even younger attitudes.

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