Mum in the Grace dress.

Unfortunately Mum is on blood thinning medication and this means she gets a lot of bruising on her skin even if she just rubs against something. Her skin is very delicate. You know she has had a lifetime of hard work. She has nursed patients in hospital as a young RN, ridden horses, fixed fences, drafted cattle, raised  boisterous children as a housewife and mother on a rural property. Nursed her husband through ill health. Amazing. A very tough lady in her hey day. Anyway, today she said to me, that she needed a dress with long sleeves to cover her old arms that had a lot of bruises. Also, the weather here in Central Queensland in March is starting to cool off. She feels the cold, even when I say, Mum, it’s not cold!! I was dropping off some frozen meals for her. My husband, John, does a lot of cooking, and we always prepare a meal for her and freeze it. I drop it off for her to heat up. Anyway, she said, she was looking for a long-sleeved loose dress for autumn. I gave her the Grace dress. I was worried that size 14 was a bit big for her, as she has lost some weight lately, but it was perfect. Had to take a photo to show everyone how beautiful she is.

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  • Barbara Salk says...

    What a beautiful business you have embarked upon. Well overdue. At 72, with a body that the years have moulded into a shape that is no longer the norm, I despair of most store clothes and have returned to making my own. I wish you great success in your enterprise. It is also a wonderful tribute to your mother, who looks and sounds like an amazing and beautiful woman, mother and grandmother to a growing line of great Australian women. I raise my cuppa to you all 🙂

    January 02, 2019

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