Reading becomes a challenge with Macular Degeneration

Mum has macular degeneration. She takes daily Macu-Vision tablets that have antioxidants and vitamins for eye health, and her doctor advised me, myself, to start taking Lutein Defence because it is an hereditary thing. But her sight is deteriorating to the point that it's hard for her to read the paper or her beloved books. So we got a Kindle. She is way out of her comfort zone with technology, having been born in 1926 when 'technology' was probably not even a word. Her little mobile phone is a constant source of bafflement for her, but she tries very hard to master it. So she was doubtful about being able to manage the Kindle. There have been a few hiccups.....panicked calls at night saying she can't get back to the book after somehow getting into some sort of book store, and where do you put the charger again? But she is absolutely thrilled about being able to see the written word so clearly, and being able to turn the pages just with a tap of her finger. And fancy, it just opens up at the page where she was before. No more book marks for Mum. It amazes her that I can load a new book of her choice onto the device in just a quick minute. She's rapidly devouring all the Danielle Steel books that she hasn't yet read. Hurry up Danielle! Get cracking writing some more books. Mum's catching up fast.

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