Stressful Times.

I've just had a total knee replacement, followed by a bout of gastro, and then a flu. I hadn't seen my mother for a month, but have phoned her twice a day. She alternates between thinking that something has gone wrong in our relationship, to wondering if I'm too busy to see her anymore, or perhaps I've just given up on her. It's a psychological minefield!! Some days she remembers that I have had major surgery, and then got sick. Other days, she announces that she is quite independent, and doesn't need my help anyway, thank you! "I am quite capable of looking after myself. I am not an invalid." Then there are the days when she's so emotional, and feels like the end is near.

Oh, the guilt of it all.

Anyway, I'm back on track to calling in most days to see her. It's back to listening to her stories about the nice NBN man, that's it's going to storm tonight, that the soil in her little garden at the village is rock hard, and that the jigsaw she's doing has definitely got a piece missing.

Thank Goodness we're back to normal, and I feel so lucky to see her every day. It's not for ever, so I count each day as a blessing.

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