When Mum gets sick.

Recently, Mum had to go into hospital. I visited her at home one afternoon, and thought she looked a bit off, but she said she was just tired after a bus trip that day. Then, that evening, she rang me to say that she definitely wasn't feeling well. Once I saw her, I called the ambulance, because I felt sure that she was not quite with it. In the past, when she was like that, it has been due to an infection somewhere, whether it be a flu bug or a bladder infection. Once in hospital, all the tests were duly done, and she was put on a drip. It took 5 long days for her to recover. It was a bladder infection, and she got much worse before she got better. She became delirious and could hardly move. I had to feed her, and the nurses bathed her. I really felt that she may not come out of it. But being the amazingly tough thing that she is, she rallied around. We had to organise her home help to supervise her morning showers for a week or so, but then she was nearly back to her old self. It makes me appreciate the time that I get to spend with her, and make sure that those times are happy and full of laughs.

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