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Surprise Your Mum with Stylish Clothes for Seniors

At Cuppa Tea Clothing, we strive to make attractive clothing that’s appealing to older women. Our goal is to provide elderly females with more choices than their old nightgown or sweatpants. We created a line of stylish clothes for seniors that don’t have front zips or buttons, so they’re incredibly comfortable while being easy to wear, put on and take off.

We are proud to design stylish clothes for seniors that appeal to older women’s conservative tastes. For example, the sleeves of our garments go below the elbow, and we use floral prints that many senior women prefer. Our fabrics are soft to protect older, delicate skin and we offer fashion basics that make any mature woman feel and look beautiful.

We also offer accessories to include magnetic clasp necklaces and lovely scarves and brooches that coordinate well with the clothing line. These accessories can be worn to dress up for dinner or just to spruce up an everyday outfit. Imagine how fantastic your Mum, Nanna or loved one will feel in a functional yet stylish new skirt that she can pull on herself?

The key to our line’s appeal for seniors is providing a fashionable alternative for women to wear in nursing homes or at home. Our clothes are designed and hand-made in Australia and will accentuate the beauty of any woman.

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