About Us

Older ladies love fashion, but finding clothing that suit their needs is very hard. My Mum is 90 and she likes dresses and tops with collars and sleeves, that are comfortable and easy to put on and wear. She likes pants and skirts with elastic waists. She likes beads and necklaces that don't have fiddly bits to do up, and pretty, soft scarves to dress up her outfits. And she likes to be pretty. There's a pretty girl inside every lady, no matter her age or size or shape.

This is what the 'Not Old Yet' label is all about. Bringing out the pretty girl. You can be 90 and wear pretty things. I want to change the way older ladies think about themselves and what they can wear. They have the right to look good and feel good. A stylish outfit can do wonders for self esteem and the way a person thinks about themselves.

When I take my Mum shopping, she finds that contemporary fashion is just not for her. Too tight, too short, not enough coverage, too uncomfortable, buttons hard to do up, can't reach the zip, fabric too delicate or too scratchy, and can't put the outfit on without help. If she does find something that is just right, it will be too expensive. By the time we've had a shopping session, back and forth on her mobility scooter, she just wants to go home, slip on 'old faithful' the comfy  threadbare dress she always falls back on, and put her feet up with a cup of tea.

As well as looking great, it's important to feel comfortable and at ease. The fabric should be soft and lovely to wear. It should be easy care, and the garment design should enable convenience for putting on and taking off.  Mum likes to have beads and accessories that she can put on herself without needing help.

I'd like older ladies to make their own fashion statements. I want them to say goodbye to the days of putting up with tired old garments just because there are no other options. It would be lovely to wake up each day and be excited about choosing a comfy, but flattering dress, and matching it with some bright beads or a soft, silky scarf. Then their daughters and grand daughters can tell them how pretty they look!