Local Company Offers Affordable Clothes for Elderly in Nursing Home

As people age, many things in their lives change. Their bodies begin to move slower, their minds tend to process things at a reduced speed, and their mobility is usually compromised. Once a person hits the age of about 75-90; some are living comfortably in nursing homes, with full-time caregivers, or with family at home.

As a caregiver, you likely notice they are wearing the same garments day after day, just because it’s comfortable or easy to put on. But one thing that never changes is a woman’s desire to look and feel beautiful. Like any female, an elderly lady wants to look and feel her best, whether she’s in a nursing home or living with relatives.

At Cuppa Tea Clothing, we are committed to providing a line of high-quality clothes for elderly in nursing homes online. We have been providing people in Australia with a fantastic selection of clothing geared for the older members of society.

We offer our customers a stylish line of easy to wear pieces that coordinate well and provide the wearer with the ability to be comfortably fashionable while in a nursing home.

Some other items we offer include magnetic clasp necklaces that are easy for sore hands to put on and take off, as well as dainty brooches that will coordinate well with our clothes for elderly in nursing homes. Also, our stylish garments don’t have buttons or zips in the front and are easy to wear.